WSPS Staff
Management Team

Chief Smith is the Chief of Security and General Manager W.S.P.S. he is well respected in the security and law enforcement community, he has over 15years of experience in the industry with a degree in business. Chief Smith is co-founder of WSPS and it was his vision that was the launching pad for the success of this company


Deputy Chief Brooks is the Deputy Chief of Security and Operations Manager of W.S.P.S. he brings 30 years of experience to the company. His experience includes managing some of the largest security firms in the world. A member of A.S.I.S. he have received some of the most advance security training in the industry, with an educational background in criminal justice. A Milwaukee Auxiliary Police Officer for over 8 years he brings a relationship with local law enforcement that is in valuable. He oversees all day-to-day operations of W.S.P.S. a former Marine he trains and leads our Honor Guard Officers.

Supervisory Staff is made up of a staff of officers that is charged with the responsibility of offering management support to WSPS staff 24 hours a day. Supervisor responds on site to any site emergency and all client emergencies.